Security and high-speed routing management integrated into a single firewall unit

  • WAN load balancing function

    The load balancing function allows the load to be distributed among multiple routes to a single destination. For example, it allows communication by connecting to multiple ISP’s simultaneously and sorting packets based on the connection speed to each ISP. It also allows packets to be sent via other ISP’s when the line is down.

  • WAN line visualization function

    The bandwidth detection function dynamically measures the effective bandwidth of the line and enhances the effectiveness of the QoS function of the device. If the bandwidth may fluctuate, it is possible to measure the bandwidth periodically and configure the sending speed to follow the bandwidth fluctuations.

  • Using mobile Internet features

    You can connect a USB data communication terminal to a USB port and transfer data. This enables you to construct a broadband network in an area where wired Internet is not available or at a construction site or temporary storefront where no lines have been installed.

  • Restricting Web access easily and accurately

    This product incorporates the “internal database reference URL filter” function. The “internal database reference URL filter” function allows you to register all or a part of the URL as a keyword and restricts access to URLs containing the keyword. Furthermore, Web access via HTTPS can be restricted by letting this product function as a proxy server.

  • Policy-based filtering setting

    You can configure the filtering setting by hierarchically arranging policies (up to four levels) for easy understanding and management. Up to three sets of policies can be held in the setting. A stateful inspection type filtering can be achieved easily by using policy filters.