PreCONNECT® Trunk Multi-Jumpers are especially suited for the direct connection of equipment in data centers, SANs and server farms for cabling of big switches and stand-alone IT-Hardware.

Our PreCONNECT® TRUNK MULTI-JUMPER cabling system consists of:

  • Trunk Multi-Jumper TMJ called factory assembled fiber-optic loose tube cables up to 144 fibers. It can  be ordered with application-specific „variable“ long connector legs:
    – Duplex connectors at 2×2.1 mm zipcord fanouts, leg lengths up to max.
    3 m possible
    – Compact connectors at 2.9 mm round fanouts, leg lengths up to max.
    5 m possible
  • Cable divider drawer, to be mounted below the switch for the installation of the TMJ cable dividers
  • A large variety of patchcords and accessories
  • Patch Location Racks with high packing density