VPN Concentrator for large scale network


  • VPN Concentrator to connect up to 3,000 locations

    The RTX5000 is the ideal VPN concentrator to be installed in a center office or a data center for retail and service industry having many branches.
    The RTX5000 can support many equipments in LAN side, which makes it suitable for a large scale network such as government agencies, hospitals, schools and hotels.

  • Advanced Architecture for Less Space and Less Energy

    Only in a compact 19-inch 1U rack mount case size, RTX5000 contains 2x 4-port L2 switching hubs supporting link aggregation which makes redundant configuration design easily. Also, the AC power supply uses Yamaha’s proprietary design to save power consumption.

  • High performance Gigabit Ethernet Router

    The RTX5000’s multi-core CPU design delivers high performance Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T) for 10 ports. Yamaha’s proven router OS has been optimized for multi-core CPUs to enable high throughput of up to 4 Gbit/s and 2G bit/s for VPN.